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The heart of Nora Tol

I dream, create and believe. Through my website and social media, I encourage you to do the same. I share my creations – music, designs, blogs – and reels about daily life. You see me jump in and try all sorts of things. Get inspired by my content or join me in celebrating other creators and artists on their journey.

My Reel Life

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube for my weekly reels! My short videos have random topics, usually taken from my daily life, interactions or thoughts. I also feature my creations and passion for music. Lots To See By default, expect a new reel every Saturday. In between, I sometimes …

Easy Please Me

I love UK singer Katy B. She’s underrated, I think. Her skill level is insane. It’s proven to me again when I covered this song. Her timing is crazy and don’t get me started about her vocal skills. It took a lot of effort getting the hang of “Easy Please …


The Pussycat Dolls started their long anticipated comeback with the track “React”. It’s all about how someone’s driving you crazy by not reacting at all. We all know this situation, one way or another. This is my karaoke cover, of course in a one take live recording session, so this …